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How to pay using Credit or Debit cards for International Customers


For International customers with foreign issued credit cards:

Step 1

Choose the option : ¨International customers- debit credit card payment¨ then click the button ¨Continue with Paypal¨.

Step 2

We will send a separate Paypal invoice with the credit card payment link in your email. The Email notification should look like the image below. Click the button ¨View and Pay Invoice¨


Step 3

Upon clicking the View and Pay Invoice button from your email, a new Paypal window will open showing the Invoice details. Click the button ¨Pay amount¨ at the upper left corner of the invoice.




Step 4

The button will then take you to the Paypal login panel. If you have a Paypal account, simply login using your registered paypal email and password. If you wish to pay using your international credit card, click the button at the bottom ¨Pay with debit or credit card¨.



Step 5

Type in your card details and don´t forget to  tick the box ¨Ship to my billing address¨.

Not to worry, your order will be shipped to the Shipping address in the Philippines specified in your order. Ticking this box is important for your payment to be processed.



Step 6

Click the button ¨Pay Now¨ to complete your payment, or tick the box ¨Save my payment info and create a Paypal account¨ if you wish to create a Paypal account for later.


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