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My order has been shipped, can I reroute my package to a different address?


Once order has been shipped, although possible, the rerouting process will take time and courier will charge another shipping fee to have your package delivered to a different address. 

How will the rerouting process work?

  1. Customer contacts Lucky Doll to request for redelivery
  2. Lucky Doll coordinates with courier to confirm if rerouting is possible to customer´s requested ¨to and from¨ location
  3. Courier confirms and provides additional charge price
  4. Customer pays Rerouting fee to Lucky Doll
  5. Lucky Doll requests a redelivery to courier
  6. Courier will process request within 1-3 days
  7. Courier Charges Lucky Doll rerouting fee paid by customer
  8. Courier delivers package to the new address another 1-2 days depending on location.


At the event that rerouting is not possible, your shipment will be returned to sender, back to our HQ. We can then arrange a shipping to the new address. Another shipping charge will be added to your order.

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