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The tracking information says my package has been delivered but I still don´t have it! I´m freaking out! What should I do?


If the tracking information of your order says that it was delivered but you don´t have it, we recommend that you contact the courier directly before contacting us. (See couriers´contact info below.)

The reason why we ask this is so that you can provide the courier detailed information on your address since we cannot contact and report a missing item on our customer´s behalf. Couriers only deal with the complainant whose name is on the receiving field of the waybill.

Contacting the courier before contacting us saves a great deal of time for you and us. If the courier admits that the package was lost or incorrectly delivered, then we are more than happy to send out a replacement package or issue a refund for the order.


Courier´s contact information:

Same day deliveries : automated sms with rider details will be sent in the recipient´s mobile number

Quicktime Express

LBC Hotline


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